•        Hurricane Sandy "Big Ones" of the past 400 years. They are all here. Hurricane Sandy needn't have
    come as a shock. Meet her ancestors.

  •         Unique content and many never before published photographs of hurricane damage, a valuable
    collection. Read about significant tropical cyclones dating back to Jamestown.  Short sections enable
    busy readers a chance to enjoy stories as time and interest allow.

  •       Educate your kids! Many will be around most of this century and some will be here for the next.
    They should know their region's hurricane history as storms like those in the book will return, some
    repeatedly. All this against a backdrop of global warming and a rising sea.

Hurricanes and the Middle Atlantic States is written for a general audience and is non-technical. The book
describes the characteristics, patterns, quirks and dangers of Mid-Atlantic hurricanes. It discusses lessons
learned and the challenges ahead. Here, for the first time, is a window to the region's  hurricane past and a
meteorological crystal ball to its future.

The book focuses on Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Information about storms
and stories of universal interest make the work appropriate for anyone interested in the important
hurricanes of the United States.

Hardcover with an 8.5 X 11 inch format. 400+ pages. 200+ black and white photos. View a unique collection
of hurricane photographs from the Middle Atlantic states. Track maps assist with comprehension.

Only about 50 copies remain as of October 2014!

              Mid-Atlantic Hurricanes offers insight into the patterns and characteristics of the region's tropical
    cyclones. You won't find many of these Mid-Atlantic discoveries in other weather books.

           Hurricane Perspective is a periodic column written by Rick Schwartz, author of Hurricanes and the
    Middle Atlantic States. The current topic is entitled, "Where Have All The Hurricanes Gone?" Also, a section
    summarizes notable 2014 hurricane anniversaries.

            Delaware,  Maryland,  New Jersey,  New York City,  North Carolina,  Pennsylvania and
    Virginia have their own pages. Each page provides a chronological sampling of notable storms.        

            The Press Page offers information for the media. Although forecasters are predicting fewer hurricanes than
    usual this year, hurricane history strongly suggests that the East Coast will remain at above average risk during
    coming seasons.
Hurricanes and the Middle Atlantic States is available from the following booksellers:

News Center gift shop, Ocean City, Md.  (410-213-1440)

News Center gift shop, Easton, Md.  (410-822-7212)

Calvert County (Md.) Historical Society Gift Shop

Reedville Fishermen's Museum (Va.)

Colonial Beach Historical Society Museum (Va.)

Calvert Marine Museum (Md.)

Barnes and Noble

(Bookstore inquiries are welcome. 571-245-0318)
What They're Saying ...

           "(This) is an enjoyable and useful volume, filled with accounts of hurricanes and nor'easters that ravaged the
    Middle Atlantic states...  ...For those living and teaching in these states, and anyone interested in comparing
    storm impacts from region to region, this is a must-have book." Michael Passow, former president of the Earth
    Science Teachers' Association, appearing in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

            "The book is abundantly illustrated with an amazing number of black and white photographs, track maps,
    and rainfall maps...  ...All in all, this is an enjoyably presented, informative, and useful book. It details in a well-
    written and personal manner the historical hurricane activity of a critical region of the United States." Randy
    Cerveny, author of several weather books, appearing in Weatherwise magazine

            "For anybody who likes to learn about weather and is interested in hurricanes, this is a great book to have,"
    Bob Ryan, former chief meteorologist, NBC 4, and current meteorologist on WJLA, ABC 7, Washington, D.C.

            "...The wealth of primary sources (photographs, interviews, maps, diaries, letters, and newspaper articles)
    makes it a valuable reference work, as well as a fascinating read for weather enthusiasts." Science Books and
    Films (reviews), American Association for the Advancement of Science

            "Schwartz is a storyteller, and the accounts of specific events are told in a lively and compelling manner.
    The value of this book lies in its ability to inspire readers with no background in the subject to become interested
    in how these natural disasters have affected a portion of the East Coast.  ... Summing Up: Recommended.
    General readers.  L.S. Zipp, Choice Magazine

           "The book first appeared on store shelves late last summer but is a must-read for weather watchers now that
    another hurricane season is upon us.  ... From now on, it will be a well-used reference work in my library." Donnie
    Johnston, The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Va.
To order Hurricanes and the Middle Atlantic States:

Send a check or money order for $21.95, postpaid.
(Internet special: The regular price is $32.95.)
Make checks payable to Rick Schwartz.
Mail to: 6516 China Grove Ct., Alexandria, VA 22310
Or pay by credit or debit card through PayPal.
(Author signed upon request.)

           Hurricanes and the Middle Atlantic States is the first book that examines this region's
    surprising and extensive hurricane history.

           This is the site for historical Mid-Atlantic regional hurricane information, analysis and
    perspective. It is based on Hurricanes and the Middle Atlantic States, the first book to focus on
    the topic. The following sections are featured:
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Fall 2014
The author of Hurricanes and the Middle Atlantic States will give a presentation at the following locations:

Salisbury University        April 21        Salisbury, Maryland

County Engineers Association of Maryland     September 19      Ocean City, Maryland

Alexandria Historical Society      September 24       Alexandria, Virginia

Contact Rick Schwartz at
ricschwartz@yahoo.com if interested in hosting a talk on hurricane history.

Presentations are customized to the audience and include a discussion on the possible impacts from
climate change. The potential range of events are gathered from Jamestown in the 1600s to the present.

Also, listed on
www.PencilEvent.com for senior communities in the Washington-Baltimore-Annapolis areas.
Presentation Schedule for 2014
2015 Hurricane Names

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